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Clash of Clans – the most popular strategy game on android! In the game you will be able to build your own village and take on the role of managing, improving it, expanding and conquering new territories, as well as protecting the people from enemies. To do this, you need to create a large and powerful army and apply clever tactics for crushing victories. The warriors you can take for your army here are varied, ranging from ordinary soldiers to fire-breathing dragons.


The development and gameplay of Clash of Clans is unique and innovative and a pioneer for other strategies. In this game, players will build a powerful kingdom, train famous soldiers and conquer many kingdoms from others. Without stopping there, they can enjoy special events, fun mini-games and great family activities.

Build and expand your empire

All players will be the king of their country, thus developing, expanding and improving everything with maximum efficiency. Fortunately, the game will have many detailed instructions for building a house or building, increasing the stability of the kingdom and creating a lot of resources. Most of the time, the area will generate different items or other items automatically when the player leaves such as money.

The expansion of the kingdom also included the construction of good defenses against all enemy attacks. Each kingdom has a maximum building permit, so safety precautions are key in the planning process. In addition, the player can upgrade any building if he meets the minimum requirements based on other resources in the kingdom.

Build an army and conquer other kingdoms

The army is the fighting unit of the player in Clash of Clans Pro APK, and developing them is complex but will pay off in the future. The most exciting thing is that the total number of soldiers is 50. However, each platoon can be followed by many small units, requiring the player to organize an effective military formation. The diversity of combat forces is complex and important, requiring a lot of development or research to improve combat effectiveness.

The player can explore new fighting units through the research system and upgrade them after getting enough cards. Also, conquering other kingdoms is always complicated and has endless fun for everyone. During combat, team deployment requires a lot of calculations and logical planning so that players can manage the battlefield effectively after completing several positions or defeating important objectives.


Apart from gameplay, mini games are a great addition to change the atmosphere of the player. It also allows them to collect a lot of generous rewards, including shards for soldiers or important art. Depending on the theme or main event, the content of the minigames is constantly changing so that players can enjoy something new from time to time.

Contribute your best to the development of the guild

Guild is the main entertainment for people, where they meet or participate in the most important events when everyone is online in full. Special guild events are also attractive and generous, but members must make a large contribution to each individual to increase prestige. In particular, the guild war is still the main source of joy and the theme of group work, giving everyone the opportunity to fight freely and for fun.

Build your community and lead people to a better future

To get started, you’ll want to start and build your city from scratch. Find a good place for people to live, build your first house, collect resources and bring new villagers into your village. Expand your base as you progress through the game and unlock more buildings.

And most of all, you will find yourself in many other races in the game. Therefore, you will want to strengthen your foundation with the right protection. Build towers, garrisons and other defense equipment. You will need to clear the buildings and arrange your defenses to prevent the enemy from entering.

Use special powers and strategies to participate in epic battles

Speaking of battles, the game features a variety of fighters from different races with unique powers and abilities. That being said, you are free to organize your army as you wish. Plan your unique battle strategy to fight your enemies. Make the most of it by combining different units with special powers and come out on top with your upgraded powers. And with the recently added siege engine, you’ll increase your chances of defeating your enemies. You can also download : Fab adblocker browser premium apk

Discover many upgrade options to strengthen your family

In order to make your army more efficient during the war, Clash of Clans Pro APK players are also allowed to choose many upgrade options to house and their army. That being said, you can start by preparing all your defenses so that they can withstand the worst enemy attacks, train your soldiers to improve their skills, and unlock heroes that can lead your team to victory. . Check out the different upgrade options with different development options you can choose from. Choose the ones that suit you best and head to Clashes of Clans.

Have different activities and challenges

In addition to the main game, you will also have the opportunity to join other exciting friendly, friendly battles and special events. Feel free to experience these unique game modes as you fight your way through enemies, defeat your allies and, of course, earn great rewards for you. But make sure you’re quick because these events won’t last forever.

Explore the amazing game of Clan

For those looking to make friends in games, family games are definitely a good place to start. That being said, here you can join an existing tribe or create your own with a few friends. However, you will now have a place to communicate with other players around the world. Take part in the legendary Clan Wars and fight against other clans from different parts of the world. Shop with your family members, exchange experiences in games, and more. With the latest update, you can join other groups in a fun family game, in which you can get amazing magic items.

Download Clash of Clans APK & Pro for Android

Clash of Clans Pro APK is one of the tactical games that is highly rated on the mobile in recent times. The game has been published on the Android and iOS platforms with the latest updates. Do not hesitate to invite friends to join and create your own kingdom.

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