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The GBWhatsApp mod allows users of the main WhatsApp to have many changes, permissions and control over their accounts. This is a problem they may have faced with their traditional version of the app, but this mod improves on all of that. Some of the user-oriented features of GBWhatsApp are but not limited to:

File Sharing

WhatsApp allows you to share up to 10 images at a time, and there are file size restrictions on videos and documents that can be shared on the service. Using GBWhatsApp, users can share up to 100 images at a time and can send video files up to 50MB at a time. Audio files up to 100MB can be shared with other contacts simultaneously without any compression.


Birthdays, meeting reminders, announcements and other important messages can be scheduled in the future. This saves you from forgetting and fumbling to send a message after a while.

Anti-cancellation messages

Don’t worry about people deleting their messages after they’ve sent you. With this feature, you can read all deleted messages as if they were still there.


GB WhatsApp Pro APK  is also big on privacy, ensuring that users can delete their last seen status, prevent others from knowing when they check their status, remove the second (extracted) sign and hide the blue dot in the logs is being listened to. Unlike traditional WhatsApp, however, you can still see them through other contacts.
To enjoy these features and more just download GB WhatsApp Pro APK from the box above, and click here if you want to read the full details.

Amazing app features

As mentioned above, there are many other features that you can enjoy in this application. Also mentioned above is the fact that the application is a revolutionary application for mobile services. The main function of WhatsApp is that it enables easy communication over a data connection or WiFi. It offers an easy to use chat feature along with a simple layout that makes it a great app.

WhatsApp is also a great choice for people all over the world, all of whom use it to communicate. The app allows users to send files, create group chats and schedule meetings. There are many other things you can use this app for. gbwhatsapp-apk-free download
However, you can enjoy it more with the GB WhatsApp added feature. As mentioned above, GB WhatsApp stands out for the other features it offers. GB WhatsApp is worth downloading because of the other features it offers. Here are some additional features you can enjoy when you download the app:

Turn off the DND feature

When using various applications on mobile devices, they often fail. With GB WhatsApp DND feature, you can disable login for WhatsApp only. Therefore, you can continue to use other applications and messages and calls will not bother you. gbwhatsapp-apk-download
This is a good characteristic of business owners. It is also good for sports and students who want to read.

Message Filtering Feature

Using GB WhatsApp you can monitor your messages. Therefore, you can organize some phrases and words into different categories. This means you can customize your message as you wish. It will help you filter spam. This is a great feature, especially for frequent WhatsApp users. Download GB WhatsApp to start using this feature.

Live distribution

This is another great feature to enjoy with GB WhatsApp. The app allows users to share live locations with their friends. It’s a unique feature, and you’ll love it. With this feature, you can meet anyone easily. The feature also eliminates the need to constantly check the map for directions. You can also download : Fab adblocker browser premium apk

Download-gbwhatsapp-apk-latest version

Live sharing is great for parents as it helps them keep up with their children. This is a feature that increases personal security. Anyone who uses this app can access your location as soon as you share it. It is important to note that early WhatsApp users cannot use this feature. That’s enough to encourage everyone around you to download the app.

New effect options for videos and images

There is a built-in video editor in GB WhatsApp Pro APK . With this feature, you can easily edit images and make them look great. This eliminates the need for third-party applications. The amazing thing is that you can also edit images with this feature.


There are a variety of fun filters, stickers and options to customize your videos and images. Download GB WhatsApp to start using these features. It is important to know that there are many other offers that you can use this application. This also includes all settings, especially for themes, backgrounds and fonts.

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Free Download

There are different apk of WhatsApp, and it is important to note that GB WhatsApp Pro is verry good. Download it now for free to enjoy the features it offers.

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