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About MotionLeap

The old name of Motionleap premium apk (pro unlocked) app is Pixaloop. During the development of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, everyone wants their avatar to be a beautiful photo. Your avatars are often the easiest way to express your personality. Do you want to have a beautiful avatar image with many beautiful effects? I bet no one will say no!

Like other photo editing apps like Gif Maker, Cinema graph, … Motionleap is meant to bring your photos to life. By creating a short film or video, you can surprise your friends or followers with incredible photos

Photo editors are simple and easy

Before users start filming, Motionleap premium apk introduces a simple image editor for users to manage resources. Although the editing is not very professional, it is still enough to create high-quality images to create animation. In fact, all editing tools are a combination of manual or automated elements to improve everyone’s performance.

Create an attractive animation

Creating motion for a photo is complex and requires a lot of time or creative changes to include a lot of physics. Mere movement of things is not enough; the user will also create a soul or feeling for everything in the image, which makes it a video, but at the same time it is not. For this reason, the application will always have many dedicated tips so that users can always have many moves for their photos. You can also download Fab adblocker browser premium apk.

Quick local selection

Motionleap’s Auto Zone Selection feature will help users find or identify the zone where they want to create motion. They can save or set the cut area as a layer for easy editing or adding special content later. Also, the app allows them to customize everything for rich and varied results based on any photo they want to create or make.


Multi-layer processing combined with masking is the best thing that few applications use, especially to create motion. Users can select and design an incredible variety of motions for any detail or effect using this unique blending system. They do not have to worry about affecting the main image when each layer has its magic to work on.


Motionleap’s visual effects are great for users to get the most out of every move. Their variety and strength are endless and they have many unique abilities to match any situation or look. Users can set or change any effect and bring a few details to life in any relationship or the direction of its movement.
Download our motionleap premium apk (pro unlocked)

Enjoy the fully unlocked app of our Premium apps

And at the same time, if you want to unlock all the paid features of the app on your mobile device, then it is possible for Android users to download Motionleap premium apk from our website. Follow the given instructions and you can successfully install it on your Android device. You are free to explore all the features of the app without limits. And of course, you don’t have to pay anything or get offended by angry ads.


In order to provide Android users with an amazing photo editing experience, Motionleap offers a variety of presets for your enjoyment. But at the same time, special motion effects and video graphics will make things more interesting. But most of all, you will find this free, unlocked version of the app very enjoyable.

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