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Vidmate Old Version is a content downloader. This app gives users unlimited access to download whatever they want this app allows users to browse 1000+ websites including Dailymotion, youtube, Instagram, Facebook and many more this app give you a service so that you can download any video or anything. long or short content.

The app is a free content downloader that allows users to download anything from the Internet. So, it is a successful application that allows you to stream the latest web series, movies and TV shows here with the best content. Where you can manage your favorite content in high definition (HD) and users can watch or download anything for free.

VidMate app also unblocks blocked websites effectively so blocked websites can prevent you from downloading content. You can access as many blocked websites as you can If you are looking for a downloader that works anywhere and has access to all sites and you can download anything you want to download from any website , this app helps you download content from anywhere.

About the old version of Vidmate

It is a version of old and popular Vidmate where you can download content directly from the internet. On these websites, everything is supported and many features are available. This website does not take long to download anything because it has something called fast download.

VidMate is a product of Alibaba inc developed by UC Web Developers part of Alibaba inc. Vidmate was launched in 2016.

Key features of VidMate Apk Old Version

  • It also works as a video player
  • and formats mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, MOV, Avi, WMV, doc, Xls, pdf, txt, etc. are supported.
  • HD video and photo downloader
  • A complete download manager to pause, resume and delete downloads
  • Users can download multiple files at the same time. Users can choose the file storage location.
  • The download may run in the background.
  • Resume failed downloads.
  • Fast download speed and high quality videos.
  • Browse videos and images.
    The user can check the progress of the download bar.
  • Users can upload large files.
  • Download videos, music and images.
  • Users can register their favorite websites.
  • Users can download videos in high definition (HD).

Features of Vidmate 2018 Apk

In this Vidmate 2018 application, you will find many features that try their best to give you good results so that you can enjoy everything and download content without difficulty and some important features are provided ‘below.

Status Saver

If you are a user of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, there is something in the application known as status saver where you can find all the statuses from these sites that are provided by your installed application and you can download they quickly at the same time. or two tabs.

Improved downloads and speeds

In this app, users find the best downloading experience. You see a download button when you watch any content, you just have to click on it and a list will open select the quality and format of the content and click download you see your download starts at the speed you have ability to download many things at the same time.

It is easy to use

This application is easy to use so that the user cannot find any kind of problem and anyone can use them. It is a specific application that works like other browsers like Chrome, Opera and Safari, nothing is complicated. Video Mate 2018

1000+ websites

It offers you more than 1000 websites that you can use on your Android phone. It will give anyone access to those websites where you can view or download anything. Some of the websites are linked to VidMate old version apk so that users can access the complete data available on those websites.

High quality video

In these websites, the video quality support is such that you can watch or download anything you want in good quality. Here, you will find the best of every content, HD and full content are also available.

Unlock site

As you know many sites are blocked some by internet and some by government but with this app you can access all of them. Just like a VPN, it helps you unblock sites and access data on websites.

Download VidMate 2017 Apk

Download this VidMate old version apk to download content from multiple sources. With thousands of websites sharing their full data, you can download them all. Also, you can save stories from any feature of this app. This website is easy to use, so you can’t face any difficulty.

Support photo and video rich sites

As we mentioned above, VidMate APK free download allows you to watch various movies offline. Meanwhile, we also offer downloads from online video sharing platforms such as YT, Facebook, Dailymotion, WhatsApp, Instagram and TikTok. You can find music, photos and videos instantly and all in one VidMate online without switching to third parties. In the application, register

The in-app subscription feature is another surprise for you. To follow interesting people and continue with the new Discover channel, we will tell you in the first minute of the new announcement. You can also download : Fab adblocker browser premium apk

Get and play videos and movies

One of the best features of our app is that it provides access to full HD movies for free. It collects and organizes all movies from different sites, including classic Bollywood movies and latest Hollywood movies, all available for free download.

The best feature in the movie section is the feature on each movie page called “People who like this also like…” and “Actor group”, which helps to find the movies of the same group. type or style. In this way, it saves a lot of time in searching and choosing from complex movies received online.

Get and play music

For music lovers, VidMate Music not only saves time switching between music apps, but also supports high-speed (256kbps) mp3 downloads for YT and millions of free albums and songs. The download speed is one of the best in its industry. With its high speed and endless resources, it is the best music player on your phone and you can set your favorite song or sound as your phone ringtone.

TV programs and series

More than 200 channels are available, including Zee TV, Star World, Channel V and Sahara Online. Collecting many TV shows in different languages ​​including comedy, reality and other genres, VidMate old version apk is undoubtedly a paradise for those who love watching TV shows. From comics to documentaries, all TV shows are updated frequently and slowly. You can watch it online or offline anytime and anywhere, like while waiting for the bus at the bus stop or taking the train home .

Best downloading experience

The connection of the given device to the high-end hosting server with a special technology that improves the connection and increases the download speed by 5 times. Obviously, this technology is not limited to our team because other apps also do the same thing. But we use a good and unique connection, and we are talking about the speed of the old version of VidMate.

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