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Looking for the most effective version of YouTube Vanced APK, we welcome you, you have come to the right website. Here in this article, you will get the exact working version of YouTube Vanced APK even for Android cars. YouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube that allows any user to use YouTube without any ads.


Also, all premium plans are completely free and only available for money on official YouTube. On the other hand, get useful features that YouTube doesn’t really have, for example the dislike button and hide from YouTube, but for Vanced YouTube APK, this is also available. Then to download this awesome app on YouTube, get the direct link in this article, so just get your YouTube Vanced and use YouTube without sponsor or ads.

About YouTube Advanced

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app. Which includes many amazing features that millions of users love to use like this app you can watch unlimited videos without ads or support for free, no it’s not YouTube premium but it’s -offer features as premium. Team Vanced created this app which we can download or use for free. Developer and XDA team leader, Raffaele created this app by redesigning the original YouTube app with Sponsor Block, bringing back YouTube’s uncensored feature and amazing free settings. This app, also known as YouTube Vanced Pro APK, allows you to stream for free without ads.

You can even download the latest version of YouTube Vanced Manager APK from here or for free. To know more about this application or how to use instructions, please read below.

You will like the design

Those who don’t know how YouTube Vanced APK works, then it’s easy. However, there is no difference between YouTube and YouTube Vanced when it comes to usage. The same way YouTube works, this app also works. You just need to install the app and login to your account to get your favorite content from this app. But the most important thing is that YouTube Vanced offers all features for free. On the other hand, with official YouTube, there is a premium plan available only for money. In short, to save money, premium features are always useful for all YouTube users to use YouTube Vanced APK.

All features of YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is popular for offering many useful features for free. The thing is that Vanced YouTube service is free and that’s why people love this app so much on official YouTube. Watching content with ads in any video is annoying, but in Vanced mode, ads are not saturated. So these amazing features will make YouTube Vanced unique, because of this, millions of people prefer Vanced version over the official YouTube.

Return Dislike Button:

Many people know that in the recent YouTube update, YouTube has covered the Dislike button. That means no one can see the dislike on the video, use YouTube Vanced APK to grab the dislike button on any video. So it will be easy to see the number of dislikes for each video.

Swipe Control:

Control screen brightness and volume with just a swipe. Basically, this feature is similar to other video viewing platforms such as MX Player. Basically, to control the brightness and volume, just swipe on the YouTube Vanced screen, then it will be able to control it. Now you don’t need to control the brightness on the display panel.

Picture in Picture:

Picture in Picture is basically a PIP mode where you can use another app while running YouTube Vanced, where you will get a different YouTube presentation. This function is only available in this application to take advantage of PIP mode to download YouTube Vanced.


With official YouTube, the Replay button is not available. Basically, to repeat the same beginning of the same video, we have to start the video again. But by using YouTube Vanced APK, this problem has been solved, because this app comes with auto-repeat button.


YouTube comes with a theme every day that everyone uses as black and white. With just these topics, YouTube users are bored every day. Now to enjoy themes, download YouTube Vanced, because YouTube Vanced offers themes like dark, black, white. Dark and black themes can save phone battery more than 20%.


For the application to be popular now, one of the greetings will be sent to the user. It’s an open source, and you can easily add your own creative content, or you can always participate as a spectator. Therefore, the application has built a community and society with a large number of video creators or viewers all over the world.


Try to choose a favorite topic and grab the camera, let’s start with the first video! If you are a hard worker, creative person and like to make videos, this will be a good opportunity to express yourself. By creating unique videos and getting support from your viewers, you will get more likes and subscriptions, and your videos will reach more people.


If your whole family wants to use the YouTube Vanced app, the family environment will be effective. With perfect integration, this feature will enable parents to understand and know their child’s hot interests through the topics they are looking for. With that, the YouTube Kids app will let your child have access to watching videos that are completely appropriate. Because the videos uploaded to this app must go through a strict process of control by the producer before reaching the viewers. Allow children access to subjects that are suitable for developing fully in mind and body.

What are the benefits of using YouTube Vanced?

Assuming you are referring to the YouTube Vanced app, there are many advantages to using it over the regular YouTube app. First, YouTube Vanced allows you to play videos in the background while you use other apps or do other things on your Android device. You can also download : Fab adblocker browser premium apk

Second, YouTube Vanced doesn’t have any ads, so you can watch videos without interruption. Third, YouTube Vanced allows you to choose between different video settings depending on the speed of your Internet connection, which can be useful if you want to save data or watch high-quality videos.

Finally, YouTube Vanced has a few extra features like repeat mode and the ability to block age-restricted content that might not be available in the standard YouTube app.

YouTube Premium Content

This is the best feature of YouTube Vanced APK, with swipe controls to adjust video volume and brightness. Now you can also get the latest MX Player gesture controls on YouTube. To enable the swipe controls, you just need to open the advanced settings where you will get the swipe controls options listed. With these settings you can make swipe controls for brightness and volume and you can also configure swipe thresholds or sensitivity. You will use this at least once after downloading this application, it will convince you.

User-Friendly Interface

This feature will allow you to watch video resolutions that your phone does not support. So, by downloading this app, you can watch Full HD 1080p video on a small phone in 720p resolution. You can change the video resolution using Vanced settings where you will see the video quality option. By clicking on it, you will get four options from which you can remove different resolutions for data usage and Wi-Fi usage. Also, you can set the preferred video speed up to 2x through these settings.

Dark Mode

The Vanced YouTube app allows you to switch YouTube themes between light mode and dark mode, and it doesn’t matter what device you’re using. You can enable dark mode in the app by opening the general menu under the settings option. In the general menu, you will find options listed as the appearance that you can change according to the theme you want.


YouTube Vanced APK is a modified app with the same experience and user interface as the official YouTube app. The only difference between these two apps is some other features. YouTube Vanced app is a fully optimized app that will give you all the features of YouTube Premium without paying any money. Apart from that, it will also give you great built-in features that you won’t get in YouTube Premium. Also, you can easily download YouTube Vanced APK from the link provided in this article. All the proper steps to download and install YouTube Vanced APK are listed above, so please read them carefully first and download the app. However, if you have any other questions, you can answer them in the box below.

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